Always Celebrate Love

So I know some people don’t like celebrating Valentine’s Day because they think it’s just a waste of money on roses, cards and chocolate… but I think it’s AWESOME… we need to have more reminders to celebrate LOVE and HAPPINESS and JOY in our lives.

  1. You don’t have to buy all the stuff to showcase how much you love someone.
  2. You should always be happy to celebrate any day about LOVE
  3. Even if you want to celebrate it for yourself…because LOVING yourself JUST AS more important. 
  4. SPOIL yourself TODAY… don’t wait for someone else to TREAT you… you are capable of making yourself happy so DO something FUN TODAY
  5. Buy a plant instead of flowers they last longer
  6. Write a handwritten card that you made to a friend you care about 
  7. Take time out to create a new sweet treat recipe – Chocolate Bark
  8. DO YOGA…come join me in the Yoga Tent or online

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