A Floral Bath Escape

A Floral Bath Escape A Floral Bath Escape A Floral Bath Escape A Floral Bath Escape A Floral Bath Escape

What do you do when you cut a bunch of flowers from your neighbourhood and need to put them in water to keep them alive before you create your art piece… put them in the bath!

I just logically thought just chuck them into my TINY bathtub to keep them fresh until I was ready… funny enough this actually became the final art piece of my experiment. My original art project did work out in the end but I guess it was never meant too and by my putting these flowers in the bathtub and capturing these few images of them was it.

Maybe another day I will actually complete my original art idea but for now… these photos were too awesome to not share. The photographer in me could not resist capturing my not art – art project.

Don’t you just wish you could keep bunches of flowers in your bathtub all the time like this…

One day when I am older I know I will be working with flowers as part of my business… I have always thought of retiring as a florist… don’t know why but I just love flowers… their scent, their beauty…they bring me joy.

Have you considered what you want to do when you are older?

Yoga will still be part of my routine… I can totally see myself being one of those yoga teachers in their 90’s being talked about doing headstands. I know this because I have a 102-year-old grandma who is turning 103 in 2 months 🙂 I got good genes.

Ps. Did you have a laugh yet at how small my tub is?

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