7 Easy Steps To Finding A Daily Journaling Practice

Have you always wanted to journal daily but struggled to actually make it happen because you just start your day and forget. ⁠

Or you want to have a gratitude journal at night but get too tired and go to sleep before completing it…?⁠

Well if this sounds like you… you are not alone… I am soo guilty for years buying so many notebooks trying to inspire myself to write daily in a journal. I would buy a new one and justify to myself that this one would make me actually do it. HAHAHA, the joke was on me! ⁠

It didn’t matter if I paid $5 to $20 on a journal… I could not remember to or get into a routine into actually doing it. ⁠

If I am honest as to why… it would be because I didn’t care to make it a habit. I kept telling myself that I wanted too but just never took the time to figure out how to do it. ⁠I just had the wrong mindset

So how was I going to change my habit around saying I want to journal vs actually doing it.


I decided to watched a few YouTube videos and did research about journaling and all the methods available out there… as I believe there is no one method that works for everyone. By watching one video I started learning so much about all these amazing methods available out there that I never heard of. I learnt that journaling daily can set yourself up to have the best day possible, which was another key reason for wanting this time around to make it a daily practice. After watching all the videos I felt pretty inspired but also overwhelmed by the various methods and which one to pick.

So, I decided to ask myself one simple but very important question…


For me:

  • I want to make sure I take time out to reflect how I want to spend each day and how I make each day count
  • I want to practice gratitude by writing out a few things every day
  • I want to make sure I keep on track to my goals vs sidetracking on other projects
  • I want to keep myself in check when it comes to my MIND, BODY, SOUL asking myself simple questions
  • I want a place to keep important memories that I can reflect on later in life 


  • Handwritten Journal
  • Bullet Journal
  • One Second Video Journal
  • Online Journal

I have tried all methods above before asking myself STEP 1 … Why Do I Want to Journal? When you understand your WHY… your purpose behind creating a new habit… it is easier to be motivated to stick with it.

  • I saw that I want to get a lot out of a journal I realised that it would take me ages to write it down…
  • I have tried doing a bullet journal as it’s they are beautiful to create but I just never had the patience for it in the end
  • I create one video of the One Second Journal – https://vimeo.com/264213910  it’s cool but not practical everyday
  • I have used the One Day app off and on but never truly tested it out the method long enough to see if I could get all the things I wanted above to be answered daily…


I want to be that cool yogi that walks around with their journal… that writes in it daily but if I am true to myself… I know I have a fast, busy, high pace mind and required a method to get the things out as quickly as possible and lucky enough I am a fast typist. This is the biggest reason I let go of journaling daily in a notebook. I didn’t want journaling to take too much time out of my day… but it was an important step for me to do.


For the month of September, I have dedicated myself to doing it on One Day app and to my surprise it helped me keep track of all the questions I wanted to out of a journal which I had listed above. Plus I was also surprised that I also kept journaling in my notebooks as well for specific stuff… which also made me happy…which I will talk about at the end.

One Day app



  • so for some people, this reminder alert might be annoying but if I start working on something in the morning vs journalling which my aim is to journal before I do anything online like emails, facebook, social media…  BUT when I open my laptop and see email notifications icon on… I get so distracted. So NOW when I open my laptop or iPhone as it’s available on both I do so VERY INTENTIONALLY to go directly to my journal and NOT get distracted with other things I can open up. Sometimes I just start working so when the reminder pops up… I automatically stop and just start journaling… (see photo above of pop up.)
  • I can create as many reminders as I want so in the evening or once a month for my monthly goals journal to do my reflections.


I can create my own templates as you see below with questions that are important to me that I want to answer each day and have reflections on…

  • for example, it’s important for me to take small daily steps to go zero waste and spreading kindness to others so I reflect on this daily


I can put tags, add photos and videos. Now I don’t have to carry around with me a million journal for all my ideas, personal, goals, business stuff… whatever it maybe I can access it so easy with my phone anywhere when I have a quick idea to jot down. I use to use NOTES app but my iCloud keeps reminding me to get more storage… and it’s not as inviting to journal in notes. I also think that’s important… your online journal app needs to look and feel special to want to journal it… which is why I created fun templates with emojis that were personal to me.



I like how the calendar showcases if I miss a day or not… so I make sure that I am filling every day. In my notebook journals, I miss a day writing it would annoy me. I would see the date from my last journal entry be like a month or a week ago… and it would frustrate me. But I guess because I set an intention and when I saw the last entry date it would upset me that I haven’t followed through with my intention. It would look unorganised as well.


  1. It is taking away from the handwritten journal which is a bit slower and helps you to stay off a digital device…but this isn’t a con as I talk about how you can incorporate both together…keep readings….


I love using the One Day App as my primary daily journal. It was easy method to incorporate into my life without too much effort which was AWESOME! I was able to ensure I will journal my feelings, keep myself on track with goals, food, how I am in the body, mind and soul. I got to add photos and videos from certain days like when I was in Bali that could tell reasons to why I was grateful a bit easier or what amazing things happened to me. I actually look forward to journaling not just in the morning but also in the evenings.



I think if you love having journals notebooks… still use them… find a way to incorporate them into your life.

Somedays I write because I feel like it and all I do is take a photo of the journal notes and add it to my online journal. I like to do drawings or just write out a big brain dump off my laptop and it’s totally cool because I can still keep it all in one central place but I have the flexibility to do both methods.

I also attend workshops that require you to journal and typing in those situations for me feels rude… so I take a journal to write in and then re-cap on the information as I add it into the specific journal it should go into.

I hope you found these 7 Steps – Method To How To Find A Daily Practice Of Journalling very helpful… if you want to let me know in the comments below. Let me know your journaling tips and tricks as well. I will be to sharing more ways I use my journal and why I believe they are so important.


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