4 Yoga Books I Have Read And LOVED!

One of the best parts about running a small yoga studio is that I get to know everyone so well and they get to know me.

We are such a strong friendly focused community business…

Over the past year, I have gotten to know Guinevere really well as she comes 2-3 times a week as a regular yogi 🧘🏻‍♀️ in the #yogatentstudio

I am so excited to share with you that she has followed her dreams and opened up her very own Bookstore @typeface_books 😍

I believe that anyone who has the courage to chase their dreams should be celebrated as it’s SOOO Scary and takes real courage as they embrace a new UNKNOWN…. you really have to let go of the fear of failure… because the only way you know how you are going to go is to TRY… set the intention and then put it into action!

Guinevere asked me what were my favourite Yoga Books… and these are just a few I have read over the years…

The first book I read was my teacher Steve Ross’s book before I moved to LA to learn from him directly… HAPPY YOGA

I have read Untethered Soul and listen to the audiobook too…

Yoga Girl was a great story to see one of Instagrams most famous yogis journey… I have loaned this book out to many students over the years…I have a little shelf in the tent for people to borrow books from!

The most recent book I read was Spiritual Graffiti by MC Yogi one of my favourite teachers and rappers ever… I think I play his music every day in class. So it was nice to read about his journey and how he started out.

I also did a video on his book and posted it on IGTV…. click here to see the top takeaways I got from the book

I am really drawn to yoga books that have been written from a Yoga Teachers I admire… today and how they have used the ancient traditional teachings in the modern world today…. as there is so much knowledge from the yoga teachings to ever feel like you can take it all in.

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NEXT YOGi BOOK I want to read is the Autobiography Of A Yogi on Audible as Ben Kingsley narrates it and it’s 17 hours long…


If you are a slow reader like me… let me know in the comments below on how you finish books.

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