My 5 TOP TIPS To Master Crow Pose Wonder Woman Style 🎥 New Video

I decided to demonstrate how to do crow pose using props. I believe this pose can be challenging for most because of the mindset we sometimes create… thinking we can’t do it. 

I want to change that MINDSET 🙂😄😃

“You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”

—Antiope to Diana, Wonder Woman movie 


Before you know you are capable of something more you naturally, LACK confidence… what you need to do is change your MINDSET to believe, you CAN do and go even figure then you could ever IMAGINE!

I had to practice for a while before I was able to control my balance, BUT now I can transition into other poses… like one-legged crow pose, side crow, crow into headstand, crow into chaturanga… 

It is an AMAZING feeling when you ALLOW yourself to be CONFIDENT! 


Fall as many times as you need too…

Doing the pose only in the classroom or once in a while is not enough for a pose like this one… it takes a while for you to feel comfortable and CONFIDENT controlling your balance in this pose. 


Use as many PROPS as you need to FEEL comfortable and CONFIDENT in your practice. Stuff at home like pillows and books or Yoga Blocks and bolster


I have heard all sorts of them 

  • I can’t hold my body weight like that
  • I might hurt my head if I fall 
  • My wrist hurt when I do it
  • My arms hurt 
  • I am not strong enough


MEET JESSAMYN she is a YOGI PRO who I have admired for YEARS!!! 🙌🏾 She shows us how size and weight don’t matter when you keep practising you can breakdown ALL BARRIERS! 

Follow her journey @mynameisjessamyn


I have heard many times in my class that students have crow on their list to master… so let’s get it done this YEAR!!!! 

  • MAKE A GOAL– Pick a month that you want to be able to hold your balance in crow over 10 seconds long 
  • HOW + WHEN – Figure out realistically how many times a week you can spend doing your crow practice add it to your schedule 
  • FIND A FRIEND or your partner to help keep you accountable and CHEER YOU ON 👏🏽 ◦ by sending each other pics or videos of you doing your crow practice…make it fun (send the ones when you fall on your head😂)
  • Ultimate challenge HIT REPLY to this email and let me know when you want to master Crow Pose… and by when and I will keep you on track to reach your goal…I am here to help you achieve your yoga goals 💪🏽

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