Half Day Yoga Retreat

Releasing Ceremony
Before getting into the day I wanted to do this short releasing ceremony which allows us to just finally let go of any emotions and habits we are holding inside us to get our minds and hearts focusing on our intentions we want to create.

We write down:
10 things we want to let go of (emotions, habits, things you want to get rid of) – this will then be burned
10 things you want to bring into your life – this will then be buried in the garden to grow

Mediation + Yin Yoga
Focusing on getting our bodies and minds into an awesome vibe to create amazing intentions for the new year ahead

Drinks/Snacks will be served

It’s important to create your vision board with lots of positivity, love and care which is why I wanted to set the event up with yin yoga first so our bodies and minds are in good spirits to allow our vision to manifest onto our boards.

Vision Board Workshop
Create intentional goals to be placed on a VISION BOARD for 2019 and beyond
2 hour workshop to create a vision board with all your materials included

$89 investment walking away with your beautiful vision board and spending 4 hours of quality time focusing on YOU!


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