My Challenge to Live Zero Waste One Month Pledge

On Monday I woke up sick in bed and feeling low…

I started watching youtube videos The Story Of Bottle Water as I saw the video last week… after sharing the info with a friend over the weekend I wanted to re-watch it as some of the info I couldn’t remember…. but it said that…like bottled water is a 2000 x more than tap water.

YouTube, after shared this other video which I watched, was 20 hacks to zero-waste living I was reminded of a few other hacks that I wasn’t trying yet so looking into them.

As I read a blog post about Plastic Free Life Hacks by favourite fashion label SPELL & The Gypsy Collective that is promoting a lot of information about Plastic Free July on there social media and I am guilty of watching there feed daily as I get a lot of inspiration from them not just in the fashion but also visually there brand creates a lifestyle look you want to embrace at home.

One of the recommendations was to download the Recycle Coach app… which I did and found a Quiz on What Type of Recycler Are You… I was shocked by how I was recycling a few things WRONG!

My score was 70/100 average score for Western Australia is 55

There is a lot I learnt that I didn’t know… I have been an adamant ADVOCATE to recycle my whole life and I still am getting a few things WRONG

So I woke up Tuesday still sick and kind of helpless in bed started to watch a few videos this time on cosmetic industry… again got angry with the information received. But in the back of my mind, I kind of already knew that the industry was bad but not exactly how… and I quickly posted on Facebook for ways to replace my make up I have. Friends instantly shared these brands with me – Nourished Life and Lush 


Next, I watched a Ted Talk by Lauren Singer – who I remember seeing on Wanderlust Yoga Festival Speakeasy talk about her DIY hacks to replacing deodorant not knowing she was running a business to help create awareness about Zero waste lifestyle.

I just enjoyed her DIY hacks as I love finding new ways to do home remedies especially when I started learning about essential oils which that journey started April 2017 when my friend/yogi colleague Jess Mariae introduced me and is a massive advocate to being toxic free home. She always shares her tips on how essential oils can help you with everything and being sick… I jumped out of bed and got my oils and made myself a oregano, peppermint, franki, lemon, on guard capsules and they have been helping me for the past few days!

After that I jumped back into bed and watched EVERY youtube video from Lauren Singer Trash is For Tossers and read all her posts on zero-waste… but still wanted to know more… which led me to Bea Johnson a mother and the creator of the Zero Waste Home GLOBAL movement and watched every video she has done on Tedtalks, Google and youtube… and all I can I have learnt a lot on my sick day.


Watch my video to learn more on how

 Email your results to me (I don’t care what your score is…just want you to learn)



Feel free to make a pledge… start today with me –  Live Zero Waste 

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