New Yoga Tent

After 2 months of every weekend being dedicated to either building the tent or sewing bolsters and ordering yoga mats for the Tent, it is Officially complete after holding the Grand Opening last weekend… I still feel a bit overwhelmed by what has happened…
Last weekend I was so excited to finally share the space I had been wanting to create for my community for 2 years but had a few things in the way…
Like a rental property for a year… 😏
We bought a house in December
The tent kept ripping due to the fabric being worn out by sun damage 😫
Finally the Tent ripped completely due to the heavy rainstorm 😱
Decided I need help and crowdfunded the Save The Yoga Tent by asking my family, friends and community to help raise $3500
Started building the deck for the New Yoga Tent has this tent had no floor 🤨
MY FAMILY Kelvin Barrie Stott + Sarah Bizzle Stott + Tony Hajichristou helped build the deck as a labour of love 😍
It is now a HAPPY PLACE for people to do their yoga practice to discover their own journey to self. It’s a place where you can come do yoga… listen to fun music… sing… laugh… cry… feel good… let go of your shit… and just be YOU
I have been so focused on creating some so magical for everyone else I forgot that I’d had already created something EPIC… which is my YOGA TRIBE 🤩
My students Lenny Jacoby + Dianne Savina created the most beautiful bunting with special notes from all the people you can think of like my 103 year old grandma has a note on this bunting… watch this video till the end to see my reaction…
In life we set out to create something beautiful… but we can easily forget what we have already created is just as WONDERFUL and for me, it had nothing to do with a Yoga Tent ….. I am so humbly grateful to my TRIBE… for reminding me

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