This year I want to help my students to be able to achieve a lifestyle they want on and off the mat. On the mat, I can work with you on your poses, your breath and quieting down the mind but it is also important for me to inspire to live a life you want to live.

This is why I created this new blog post with FREE downloaded GUIDES and CALENDAR to help you achieve the best year!

If you haven’t set your goals for 2018…. you still got time…

Setting intentions for a new year can be very easy for some and hard for others… because thinking about what do we really want deep down isn’t exactly easy if you don’t ever give yourself time to really think about it? Also, we think about whether or not we actually get it? I think for most of us what happiness, health and love as an overarching want in life.

I think breaking your life into categories and creating specific goals can help the big overarching ones.

I have always written out my goals every year. It’s safe to say that by doing so I have achieved some of the most awesome achievements in my life.


  • Lived in 5 different countries
  • Travelled to 28 countries
  • Started my own business

All before I turned 30 and I am not stating this to big myself up but to showcase that I am a driven individual who has done most of these things not because of luck but because I created dream which I turned into goals in order to achieve them.

Why write out your intentions/goals?

When you write out what you want you actually allowing yourself to think about the bigger picture of your life. We get caught up in the day to day routine of our lives and just hope for things to change and then, later on, wonder why they never happened.

I never complete all the goals I set for myself and I always tend to add more into my life before completely goals I have already given myself. But that’s just the way things go in life.

But for me to understand what I want in my life is important to write it down because sometimes what I think I want isn’t really what I want. You know what you want out of life because it usually stays on your list year after year until it gets done.

This year I created my own template that you can download for free to create your intentions/goals for 2018

Part One

Use one word in each category to help you get to the core goal you really want… your hearts desires.

We shy away from our hearts desires because we think them to be unobtainable or unrealistic but everything is obtainable if you work hard to get what you want.

For example…I wanted to run my own business and be my own boss… but did I ever think my studio was going to be Yoga Tent in my backyard… NOPE… do I LOVE it YEP!

It wasn’t until I actually put my goals into action that I made the unobtainable…. real!

A guide to the best year

For example:
Health & Wellbeing – HEAL + SLOW
I want to heal my body from last year’s injuries and learn to slow down and listen to what my body needs to build a healthy immune system

Hobbies & Interests – CHALLENGE

I have given myself the challenge to read more books this year as I love learning but just never make time to read books.

Part Two

Writing our your intentions and goals for the year is kind of like writing a business plan for yourself. The mistake we make is we write them out but forget to figure how we are going to actually make them happen in a specific time frame. Which is why I have attached an additional print out of calendar 2018 Is Your Best Year Calendar This way you can put deadlines as to when you want to achieve your goals by and work backwards on all the steps you need to do in order to achieve them.

This way you can really think about whether your goal can actually be completed in a year or maybe it needs two years. Make sure you add in all your birthday functions, weddings, holidays and weekend trips away into the calendar to see how full your life probably already is and maybe additional projects could be longer than you thought. For example, the month of April is always full of public holidays so just take that month away from trying to add anything in.

Part Three

Review your goals, intentions that you have put down for yourself and take away anyone that really won’t happen this year and put them in a list of things to consider for the following years. I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or upset about not accomplishing your intentions as that is not what this is about. This is about creating a HAPPINESS, HEALTH, LOVE for 2018 and how you going to make sure that they stay the focus of your year.

Part Four

This will come in a view months time so stay tuned in

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