10 Benefits of Yin Yoga

  1. Increase mobility as we target the joints and ligaments
  2. Longer stretched out body and great flexibility as we target the fascia
  3. Stress relief and calms central nervous system
  4. Increases mind-body connection
  5. Preparation for meditation and has meditative effect on mind and body
  6. Increased performance in sports etc as helps release tightness and improve recovery
  7. Extremely beneficial for busy type A personality’s who always go go go
  8. Helps them to calm down and be centred
  9. Time to connect and get to know body without ‘noise’ and busyness works with meridians (lines of energy channels that run up and down body) to help balance internal body and organs eg liver
  10. Helps to balance emotions and acts of a release physically mentally and emotionally

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