? Meditate with me in my 1st recorded meditation

So this is pretty epic for me to do my first recorded meditation… since I completed my Meditation Teacher Training last year. I never thought of myself as a meditation teacher but as you grow within your practice and listen to so many and are surrounded by inspiring teachers you can’t help but want to share meditation more to others…

I decided on doing a Loving Kindness Meditation because I felt like I really connected with it when I first heard it. I could really visualize everything so I hope you enjoy this meditation. 

I also wanted to be able to share my yoga practice more to other people who can’t join me on the mat… meditation is just another level of yoga in the 8 limbs which are stages we go through in our practice. 

Now, this is one of MANY free meditations I will be doing. There is so much to learn how to get your content out there to share with students so I hope to improve on music and the general flow of the meditation. If you have feedback on the meditation, I would love to hear from you as I can always record another vs again… this is new in my teacher development and I LOVE open and honest feedback from my YOGi Tribe. 

Even if you just listened to it let…hit reply to this email and let me know. 

This year one of my goals is focusing on bring more meditations and encourage people to come to classes or listen to guided ones on meditation so we can continue to grow this practice. 

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